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There are no further NEV&BGA meetings scheduled at this time

but other events which may be of interest to our members will be posted here
If you have such an event, please let us know. info@nevbga.org

Other events

IPM Field Walks

In this series, learn to identify and scout fruit and vegetable pests and select integrated pest management strategies that work for you whether you are a beginner, experienced, organically certified or not! We will walk farm fields with Extension Educators and farmers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont to learn how each farm is practicing IPM. Bring a hand lens if you have one. This series is funded in part by a Northeast IPM Center grant.

August 25th, 3:30-6pm
Hurricane Flats, 975 S. Windsor St. South Royalton, VT

Join us to learn how to scout for disease and insect pests in the field and discuss effective organic control strategies with farmer Geo Honigford, Ann Hazelrigg and Gabriella Maia (UVM Disease Diagnostic Laboratory) and Katie Campbell-Nelson (UMass Extension Vegetable Program). Sponsored by Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association and NOFA-VT.

Professional Development Soil Health Workshop Series

The University of Massachusetts Extension has been funded by the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development Grant (2014-2017) to provide educational opportunities to Agricultural Service Providers and Farmers in Soil Health topics.

August 25th, 3:30-6pm
Soil Tests for New England and interpreting them for Phosphorous Management
89-91 River Rd. S. Deerfield, MA

Tom Morris, University of Connecticut Professor, Plant Science will present methods of different soil extractions and tests, with a focus on those appropriate for New England soils. With his experience in field research on nitrogen and phosphorous, Tom will present Agricultural service providers with a basic understanding of the chemistry of Phosphorous in the soil, how it behaves, how best to assess P status of soil in different growing systems, how to assess potential loading from soil applications of fertilizer, compost or manure, and how to mitigate soil with excess Phosphorous aside from not adding more (e.g., cover crops or other ways to use up or sequester phosphorous to prevent off site movement or contamination.

Tom Akin, Natural Resource Conservation Service Agronomist will present work on evaluating a new soil extraction method for New England with data from Massachusetts farms. The new Haney Soil Health Test is being tested in Massachusetts to evaluate it’s ability to better predict active carbon and other indicators of soil health.

2015 NOFA Summer Conference

Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 16, 2015
UMass Amherst Campus

This year’s main conference features 144 individual sessions with 27 different topic areas. Workshops address organic farming, gardening, land care, draft animals, homesteading, sustainability, nutrition, food politics, activism, and more. The theme for this year’s Conference is “Healing the Climate, Healing Ourselves: Regeneration through Microbiology”.

    This year’s conference will include sessions with UMass personnel:
  • Amanda Brown, Director of the UMass Student Farm; Tour of the UMass Ag Learning Center
  • Lisa McKeag, Extension Vegetable Program; Pest Scouting in the Field at Simple Gifts Farm
  • Susan Scheufele, Extension Vegetable Program; Integrated Pest Management in Brassicas



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