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The New England Vegetable & Berry Growers Association (NEV&BGA) is the oldest vegetable growers association in America. We support and promote the vegetable and berry industry in New England. You are invited to become a member. The Association publishes a newsletter three times a year and provides bulletins and magazines deemed important to its members.


In 1886 a group of growers around Boston banded together during a harvest emergency to form the Boston Market Gardeners' Association. The growers found that by working together they could deal effectively with problems that affected them all. Over the years, many growers from New Hampshire and other New England States joined, and in 1964 the name was changed to the New England Vegetable Growers Association. Since many members also grow small fruit as well as vegetables, the name was changed again in 1994 to the New England Vegetable & Berry Growers Association. The Association is recognized as a progressive organization of leading growers in New England.

The Boston Market Gardeners' Association was instrumental in establishing the Market Garden Field Station at Lexington, Massachusetts in 1917. It also aided in the move of this Station to more favorable land in Waltham, Massachusetts. The expansion of the Station resulted in changing the name to the Waltham Field Station -- now the Eastern Massachusetts Agricultural Center.

For over one hundred years, the history of this organization has been filled with activity directed toward the improvement of the industry for the good of all engaged in it. The Association has taken all steps to promote measures favorable to the industry, and has strongly resisted federal and state legislation deemed harmful or unfair. A recent example is the Association's role in developing the Commonwealth Quality Program as an alternative to the GAP program.

The Association currently provides research grants to New England researchers doing practical work to support the industry. NEV&BGA also provides support for Extension Specialists.


In these days of rapidly changing conditions in the growing, shipping, and selling of vegetables and berries, it is important that growers have an organization that will keep them informed. The New England Vegetable & Berry Growers Association (NEV&BGA) is a strong and progressive organization that offers wide-ranging initiatives supporting efforts to maintain the well-being of the industry throughout New England.



Two meetings each year keep members engaged and informed on developments in the field. Prominent growers share their experiences, and Research and Extension personnel from Universities and industry report on culture, pest management, and marketing. Information of benefit to New England growers has been presented by successful growers from around the country. The Association co-sponsors the biennial New England Vegetable and Berry Conference and Trade show.


The Association has worked closely with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and others to promote the vegetable and small fruit industry to the public and through positive legislation.


Many growers enjoy the networking opportunities the Association provides. Meetings are a great forum to talk to prominent growers, hear new ideas, and to benefit from the great pool of knowledge and experience among members.


The Association supports research at New England State Universities and has provided financial support for the development of better adapted varieties. Through these efforts, over 25 varieties have been developed, including Waltham Butternut Squash (an All America award winner) and many more. The Association was instrumental in developing the Commonwealth Quality program which is a practical alternative to GAP for small to medium sized growers. Current research projects include: vegetable and berry variety trials; plastic mulches and other means of extending the growing season; and evaluation of alternative crops, cover crops, and IPM studies.


The Association makes awards to individuals who have provided outstanding service to the vegetable and berry industries of New England. The Robert E. Young Award is given to individuals in recognition of their service to vegetable and berry producers, and the Guy L. Paris Award honors those who have provided leadership in marketing our products and promoting the industry.



Benefits of Membership

  • Every two years a Members Directory with important contact information is mailed.
  • Members receive the American Vegetable Grower or the American Fruit Grower mazine subscription FREE
  • Members receive the New England Vegetable Management Guide or the New England Small Fruit Production Guide FREE
  • The Association sponsors two $800 scholarships
  • The Association helps promote the activities of Agriculture in the Classroom

Types of Membership


Any Commercial Vegetable Grower, Berry Grower, Potato Grower or Roadside Stand Operator, or direct employee is eligible. The Association accepts active membership only in the name of an individual. In the case of partnerships, companies, or corporations, one person can have the membership and others can be listed as Family Members, or each individual can join as a Regular Member.

A Family Member is anyone who is related to, or in partnership with a Regular Member of the Association, including those who help in family operations. Such members may attend all meetings and have their names listed in the Membership Directory. Family Members do not have the right to vote or to hold office.


Members who have been Regular Members but who are no longer farming, yet wish to maintain membership. Associate Members are not entitled to the free magazine subscription or guide and are not eligible to vote or hold office.


Any person or firm engaged in the manufacture or distribution of farm equipment, supplies, or services is eligible for Commercial Membership. Commercial Members do not have the right to vote or to hold office.

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